CLC Genomics Cloud Access

The CLC Genomics Cloud is a combination of AWS resources and CLC software that supports running analyses submitted by a CLC Workbench or CLC Server on AWS EC2 instances and storing results on AWS S3.

This sections describes the configuration of cloud presets. For further details, please see

When submitting a job to a CLC Genomics Cloud setup via a CLC Server, the submitter specifies a cloud preset to use. Each preset is configured with the name of a single AWS Batch queue. When a given preset is selected, jobs are sent to the corresponding AWS Batch queue.

By default, all cloud presets are available for all users of the CLC Server. Access to each preset can be restricted to specified groups using options available under the Global permissions tab in the CLC Server web administrative interface.

Creating and editing CLC Genomics Cloud presets

To create or edit cloud presets, log into the CLC Server web administrative interface and go to:

        Extensions (Image extensions_16) | CLC Genomics Cloud (Image gce_16)

Click on the Add Preset... button.

The preset name is what the user of client software specifies when launching their analysis. The AWS Batch queue is where jobs will be submitted to when this preset is selected. AWS Batch queue settings are configurable within AWS.

Prerequisites for CLC Genomics Cloud access

To submit jobs to a CLC Genomics Cloud setup via a CLC Server, the following must be in place: