Other grid worker options

Some java options can be set specifically for each grid worker. To do this, create a file called clcgridworker.vmoptions and place it in the folder specified in the Path to CLC Grid Worker field of the relevant grid preset. For information on the relationship between grid workers and grid presets, see Configuring grid presets.

Options that may be of particular use for grid workers include:

For example, if a clcgridworker.vmoptions was created, containing the following line, it would, for the grid worker specified in a given preset, set a temporary directory for the grid nodes, overriding the default that would otherwise apply:


Proxy settings for grid setups are also configured in .vmoptions options files, as described in Proxy settings.

Setting non-default memory limits for a grid worker is not done using settings in .vmoptions files. Memory limits are described in Understanding memory settings.