Quick installation guide

The following describes briefly the minimum steps needed to set up a CLC Genomics Server, ready for client software to connect to. Links out to more detailed explanations for each step are provided.

If you are setting up job nodes as well, please refer to Job Distribution before proceeding.

  1. Download the CLC Server installer and run it. When prompted during the installation process, choose to start the server (details).
  2. Log into the server web administrative interface using a web browser. Use the username root and password default (details).
  3. Install a license for the software (details).
  4. Restart the server (details).
  5. Ensure the necessary port is open for access by client software for the server. The default port is 7777 .
  6. Change the root password (details).
  7. Configure the authentication mechanism (details). If using the built-it authentication system, users and groups can be set up now or later.
  8. Add data locations (details).
  9. Check your server setup using the Check set-up tool.
  10. Your CLC Server should now be ready for client software to connect to and use.