Source code for this library can be downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/pbspro-drmaa/.

Please refer to the documentation that comes with the distribution for full instructions.

Some items of particular note:

The PBS DRMAA library can be configured to work in various modes as described in the README file of the pbs-drmaa source code. We have experienced the best performance, when the CLC Server has access to the PBS log files and pbs-drmaa is configured with wait_thread 1.

Compiling against PBS Pro 2021.1.1

To compile against PBS Pro 2021.1.1, a library (lsec) must be added in the configure script included in the DRMAA distribution. We successfully compiled DRMMA from
http://sourceforge.net/projects/pbspro-drmaa/files/pbs-drmaa/1.0/pbs-drmaa-1.0.19.tar.gz/download against PBS Pro 2021.1.1 by doing the following: