Completed process metrics

Object name: com.clcbio.server:type=CompletedProcesses

The "completed process" metrics can be used to evaluate the processes that are complete either because they were successful or because they failed. Canceled processes are ignored. The CLC server provides a temporal view of the latest completed processes, with two different temporal views available: time frame view or a history view that includes a fixed number of the most recently completed processes.

The size of the time frame to view and the number of entries for the history view can be configured directly through JMX or by editing the file. This properties file is located in this folder: CLC_SERVER_BASE/settings/. Please change the default settings to values that fit your specific setup. Lower values will generally result in a more reactive monitoring solution, but values that are too low may result lead to false alarms.

The following is a list of all the process related metrics that are available: