Licensing of grid workers

There are two main steps involved in setting up the licenses for your CLC Grid Workers.

Step 1: Installing network licenses and making them available for use

Generally, a pool of CLC grid licenses are purchased and are served by the CLC Network License Manager software. For information on how to install the CLC Network License Manager and download and install your CLC Grid Worker licenses please follow the instructions in the CLC Network License Manager user manual, which can be found at

A pdf version is available at

Step 2: Configuring the location of your CLC License Server for your CLC Grid Workers

One license is used for each CLC Grid Worker script launched. When the CLC Grid Worker starts running on a node, it will attempt to get a license from the license server. Once the job is complete, the license will be returned. Thus, your CLC Grid Worker needs to know where it can contact your CLC License Server to request a license.

To configure this, use a text editor and open the file: gridres/settings/ under the installation area of your CLC Server.

The file will look something like this:

#License Settings

You can leave autodiscover=true to use UDP-based auto discovery of the license server. However, for grid usage it is recommended that you set autodiscover=false and use the serverip property to specify the host name or IP-address of your CLC License Server.

After you have configured your grid presets, and have saved them, those presets are deployed to the location you specify in the Path to CLC Grid Worker field of the preset. Along with the clcgridworker script, the license settings file is also deployed.

If you need to change your license settings, we recommend that you edit the file under gridres/settings/ of your CLC Server installation, and then re-save each of your grid presets. This will re-deploy the CLC Grid Workers, including the changed file.