Downloading a license via the web interface

Licenses are installed on a single server or on the master node of a job node or grid node setup.

To download and install a license:

Please contact if you have not received an Order ID.

The CLC Server must be restarted for new license files to be loaded. Details about restarting can be found in Starting and stopping the server.

Each time you download a license file, a new file is created in the licenses folder under the CLC Server installation area. If you are upgrading an existing license file, delete the old file from this area before restarting.

Image serverlicensing-thinclient
Figure 11.1: License management is done under the Management tab.

Image web-login-unlicensed-server
Figure 11.2: A warning is shown in the web administrative login page for a single server or master node when no license is present for the CLC Server (left) and when a license for the CLC Server is present but is not valid for the version being run (right).

Image web-login-licensed-server
Figure 11.3: The web administrative interface login page for a single server or master node when a valid license for the CLC Server is present.

If you are working on a system that does not have access to the external network, then please refer to Download a license on a non-networked machine.