A list of all the processes that are currently in the CLC Server queue, including jobs in progress can be viewed at:

        Management (Image management_16) | Queue (Image queue_16)

An example is shown in figure 9.2.

Image web_queue
Figure 9.1: An example of the process queue on a grid setup.

For each process, you are able to Cancel (Image stop) the processes. At the top, you can see the progress of the process that is currently running.

On single servers or job node setups, after a request to cancel a job is received, the job will remain in the process queue while the cancellation is handled, including cleaning up resources (figure 9.2).

Image queue_cancelled_job_on_node_setup
Figure 9.2: The queue just after a job was cancelled on a job node setup, while resources were in the process of being cleaned up.