Enabling and disabling internal compression of CLC data

By default, CLC format data is stored in an internally compressed format. An option is provided under the Data compression heading to turn off internal compression of data elements created by the CLC Server.

Enabling data compression may impose a performance penalty depending on the characteristics of the hardware used. However, this penalty is typically small, and we generally recommend that this option remains enabled. Turning this option off is likely to be of interest only at sites running a mix of older and newer CLC software, where the same data is accessed by different versions of the software.

Compatibility information:

To share specific data sets for use with software versions that do not support the compression applied by default, we recommend exporting the data to CLC or zip format and turning on the export option "Maximize compatibility with older CLC products". That is described further at https://resources.qiagenbioinformatics.com/manuals/clcgenomicsworkbench/current/index.php?manual=Export_folders_data_elements_in_CLC_format.html