Model III: Single Server setup

In this model, the master and execution node functionality is carried out by a single CLC Server instance. Here, the CLC Server software is installed on a single machine. Jobs submitted to the server are executed on this same machine.

To designate the system as a single server, after installation and starting the server, go to the Job distribution tab in the web administrative interface:

        Configuration (Image configuration_16) | Job distribution (Image jobnodes_16)

Select the option SINGLE_SERVER from the drop down list of Server modes.

Image nodetypes
Figure 6.10: The configuration options for the types of machines running the CLC Server. The choices of relevance under normal circumstances are SINGLE_SERVER and MASTER_NODE. An administrator will not usually need to manually choose the Execution Node option. This option is there primarily to allow for troubleshooting.

You can then configure aspects of the server:

Image singleserversettings
Figure 6.11: Configuring a single server.