Executing workflows

Execution of workflows on a server setup

How workflows are run on a multi-node server setup depends on options configured under the Job processing tab. See Workflow distribution options for details, including key considerations when choosing the most efficient option for a particular setup.

When connected to a CLC Server from a CLC Workbench, you can run workflows on the server. These can be:

You will be blocked from running a CLC Workbench workflow on the CLC Server if:

The rest of this section focuses on running workflows installed on a CLC Server.

Running workflows installed on a CLC Server

Workflows installed on the CLC Server can be launched using a CLC Workbench or the CLC Server Command Line Tools.

In a CLC Workbench, workflows installed on a server are listed in the Installed Workflows folder of the Toolbox with a blue S in their icon (figure 9.4).

Image server_workflows_in_toolbox
Figure 9.5: One workflow is installed on the CLC Server, signified by the blue S in its icon. The other workflow is installed in the Workbench.

Workflows available from a CLC Server can be run on any available execution environment (figure 9.5).

Image cgc-submit-via-clc-server
Figure 9.6: When launching a workflow from a Workbench, the first wizard step displays a list of environments the workflow can be run on.