Executing workflows

Execution of workflows on a server setup

How workflows are run on a multi-node server setup depends on options configured under the Job Distribution tab of the web administrative interface. This is described in Workflow queuing options, including outlining key considerations when choosing the most efficient option for a particular setup.

A user perspective on executing workflows

When you log in on the server using a CLC Workbench, workflows installed on the server automatically become available in the Installed Workflows folder of the Toolbox, as shown in figure 14.3.

Image server_workflows_in_toolbox
Figure 14.3: One workflow is installed on the CLC Server, as signified by the blue S in its icon. The other workflow is installed locally, on the Workbench.

Wherever the workflow is located, when it is launched to run from a CLC Workbench, the user will be presented with a dialog with options of where to run it, as shown in figure 14.4.

Image execution-environment-genomics-server
Figure 14.4: Selecting where to run the workflow.