Upgrading between major versions

There are a few extra steps needed when upgrading to a new major version line beyond those outlined in Upgrading an existing installation.

  1. Download a license file valid for the new major version on a single server, or on the master server in a job node or grid node setup, if this has not already been done. See Downloading a license.

  2. Delete old license files. License files can be found in a folder called "licenses" under the installation area of the CLC Server.
  3. Restart the CLC Server service. See Starting and stopping the server.
  4. All users of client software (CLC Workbenches and the CLC Server Command Line Tools) must upgrade their software. Corresponding and compatible software versions are listed at the bottom of the Latest Improvement listings for a given server version. e.g. for the latest release, this can be found at: https://digitalinsights.qiagen.com/products/qiagen-clc-genomics-server/latest-improvements/current-line/.

Configuration updates required when upgrading to CLC Genomics Server 22.0 or higher

If you have configured custom listening port or SSL settings, these need to be reconfigured after upgrading to CLC Server 22.0 and above from older release lines (21.x and earlier), due to an update to Tomcat.

When upgrading, a backup of your previous configuration will have been saved to conf/server.xml.backup, under the installation area. This file can be referred to for information relevant for configuring the new conf/server.xml file.