Non-exclusive Algorithms

Tools categorized as non-exclusive or streaming are listed in table below. Non-exclusive jobs have low resource demands and can be run concurrently on an execution node. Streaming jobs are I/O intensive. On single servers or job nodes, these can be run alongside non-exclusive tools, but not alongside other streaming tools on a given execution node. Exclusive tools always run alone. On grid nodes, streaming tools are treated as exclusive, and thus are always run alone.

Documentation about configuring simultaneous job execution:

Tool Streaming  
Add attB Sites    
Amino Acid Changes X  
Annotate from Known Variants X  
Annotate with Conservation Scores X  
Annotate with Exon Numbers X  
Annotate with Flanking Sequences X  
Annotate with Nearby Gene Information    
Annotate with Overlap Information X  
Annotate with Repeat and Homopolymer Information    
Apply Peak Shape Filter    
Assemble Sequences    
Assemble Sequences to Reference    
Call Methylation Levels    
ChIP-Seq Analysis    
Convert DNA To RNA X  
Convert from Tracks X  
Convert RNA to DNA X  
Convert to Tracks X  
Copy Number Variant Detection (CNVs)    
Count-based statistical analysis    
Create Alignment    
Create BLAST Database    
Create Box Plot    
Create Entry Clone (BP)    
Create Expression Browser    
Create Expression Clone (LR)    
Create GC Content Graph Track    
Create Histogram    
Create K-medoids Clustering for RNA-Seq    
Create MA Plot    
Create Mapping Graph Track    
Create RRBS-fragment Track    
Create Sample Report    
Create Sequence Statistics    
Create Track from Experiment    
Create Track List    
Create Tree    
Create Venn Diagram for RNA-Seq    
Demultiplex Reads    
Download 3D Protein Structure Database X  
Download BLAST Databases X  
Download Pfam Database X  
Extract Annotations    
Extract Consensus Sequence    
Extract IsomiR Counts    
Extract Reads    
Extract Sequences X  
Filter against Known Variants X  
Filter Annotations on Name X  
Filter Based on Overlap X  
Find and Model Structure X  
Find Binding Sites and Create Fragments    
Find Open Reading Frames    
Gaussian Statistical Analysis    
Gene Set Test    
GO Enrichment Analysis    
Hierarchical Clustering of Samples    
High-throughput sequencing importers (e.g. Illumina) X  
Identify Enriched Variants in Case vs Control Samples X  
Identify Graph Threshold Areas    
Identify Known Mutations from Mappings    
Import Primer Pairs    
Import SAM/BAM/CRAM Mapping Files X  
Import Tracks from File    
InDels and Structural Variants    
Learn Peak Shape Filter    
Link Variants to 3D Protein Structure X  
Merge Annotation Tracks X  
Merge Overlapping Pairs    
Merge Read Mappings X  
Merge Variant Tracks    
Motif Search    
Pfam Domain Search X  
Predict Splice Site Effect    
Principal Component Analysis    
Probabilistic Variant Detection    
Proportion-based Statistical Analysis    
Quality-based Variant Detection    
Quantify miRNA    
QC for Read Mapping    
QC for Sequencing Reads X  
QC for Targeted Sequencing    
Remove Duplicate Mapped Reads    
Remove Homozygous Reference Variants    
Remove Information from Variants X  
Remove Marginal Variants X  
Remove Variants Present in Control Reads X  
Rename Sequences in Lists    
Reverse Complement Sequence    
Subsample Sequence List    
Secondary Peak Calling    
Score Regions    
Split Sequence List    
Transcription Factor ChIP-Seq    
Translate to Protein    
Trim Sequences    
TRIO analysis    
Update Sequence Attributes in Lists    
Whole Genome Coverage Analysis