Controlling access to the server, server tasks and external data

Access to the various aspects of the CLC Server can be controlled using settings under:

        Configuration (Image configuration_16) | Global Permissions (Image globalpermissions_16)

See figure 5.5.

Image globalpermissions
Figure 5.5: Access can be controlled for many aspects of the CLC Server, including restricting access to certain tools and granting administrative access for certain types of actions.

Group-level access can be configured for the following:

To edit permissions, click on the relevant heading and then click on the relevant Edit Permissions button in the expanded list (figure 5.7). In the edit dialog, if the option Only authorized users from selected groups, is selected, a list of groups is shown, allowing access to be granted or removed, as relevant.

Image globalpermissionsdialog
Figure 5.6: Setting group-level permissions for tools is done under the Algorithms section. By default, all authorized users have access to all tools. Here, access has been limited to members of the admin and bioinformaticians groups.

Web admin access

By default, only members of the admin group can access administrative areas of the web interface. Settings under the "Web admin access" heading allow access to be extended to members of other groups to the following areas:

Image globalpermissions-thinclient-access
Figure 5.7: Access can be granted to members of non-admin groups to the Audit log, External applications, Queue, and Workflows tabs in the web administriative interface.