Setting up the grid integration

CLC jobs are submitted to a local grid via a special, stand-alone executable called clcgridworker. In the documentation, this executable is also referred to as the CLC Grid Worker.

The following steps are taken to setup grid integration for CLC jobs. These steps are described in more detail in the sections that follow. It is assumed that your CLC Server software is already installed on the machine that is to act as the master.

  1. Set up the licensing of the grid workers
  2. Configure the CLC grid licenses as a consumable resource in the local grid system
  3. Configure and save grid presets
  4. Optionally, set other grid worker options.
  5. Test your setup by submitting some small tasks to the grid via a CLC Server client, such as a CLC Genomics Workbench or the CLC Server Command Line Tools. Ideally, these would be tasks already known to run smoothly directly on your CLC Server.