Adding and removing BLAST databases

Databases can be added in two ways:

A note on permissions: To create BLAST databases on the Server, using the Workbench interface, the user running the CLC Server process must have file system level write permission on the import/export directory that you have configured to hold BLAST database.

By default, if you do not change any permissions within CLC Server, all users logging into the CLC Server (e.g., via their Workbench, or via the Command Line Tools), will be able to create BLAST databases in the areas you have configured to hold BLAST databases.

If you wish to restrict the ability to create BLAST databases to these areas completely, but still wish your users to be able to access the BLAST databases to search against, then set the file system level permissions on the import/export directory so they are read-only.

When listing the databases as shown in figure 12.2, it is possible to delete the databases by clicking the Delete link at the far right-hand side of the database information.