Space requirements

The total size of the complete reference data set you can download is approximately 12 GB11.1. It is in a zipped format, and the total size after the data is unzipped is substantially larger. The amount of time it will take to download this amount of data depends on your network connection. It can take several hours, or longer on slower connections. When unzipped the size of the full reference dataset is about 75 GB11.2.

For reference, in April, 2014, the size of each individual reference data file was approximately:

Database Size
1000 Genomes 10 GB
ClinVar 41 MB
PhastConc 5 GB
dbSNP 44 GB
dbSNP Common 12 GB
Genes 3 MB
Gene Ontology 33 MB
HapMap 3 GB
mRNA 62 MB
Sequence 683 MB


... GB11.1
Size as estimated in April, 2014
... GB11.2
Size as estimated in April, 2014