Getting help

If you encounter a problem or need help understanding how the CLC Cancer Research Workbench works, and the license you are using is covered by our Maintenance, Upgrades and Support (MUS) program (, you can contact our customer support via the Workbench by going to the menu option:

        Help | Contact Support

This will open a dialog to enter your contact information and a text field for entering the question or problem you have.

You can also attach small datasets, if this helps explain the problem or you believe it will help in troubleshooting the problem.

When you send a support request this way, it will include technical information about your installation that usually helps when troubleshooting. It also includes your license information so that you do not have to look this up yourself. Our support staff will reply to you by email.

Further information about Maintenance, Upgrades and Support (MUS) program can be found online at

Information about how to to find your license information is included in the licenses section of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area:

Information about MUS cover on particular licenses can be found by

Users of the freely available CLC Sequence Viewer can make use of any of our online documentation sources, including the manuals (, tutorials ( and other entries in our FAQ area (