Insert restriction site

If you make a selection on the sequence, right-click, you find this option for inserting the recognition sequence of a restriction enzyme before or after the region you selected. This will display a dialog as shown in figure 30.13

Image insertrestrictionsitesdialog
Figure 30.13: Inserting the HindIII recognition sequence.

At the top, you can select an existing enzyme list or you can use the full list of enzymes (default). Select an enzyme, and you will see its recognition sequence in the text field below the list (AAGCTT). If you wish to insert additional residues such as tags etc., this can be typed into the text fields adjacent to the recognition sequence. .

Click OK will insert the sequence before or after the selection. If the enzyme selected was not already present in the list in the Side Panel, it will now be added and selected. Furthermore, an restriction site annotation is added.