Import using copy/paste of text

If you have e.g. a text file or a browser displaying a sequence in one of the formats that can be imported by CLC Cancer Research Workbench, there is a very easy way to get this sequence into the Navigation Area:

        Copy the text from the text file or browser | Select a folder in the Navigation Area | Paste (Image Paste_16_n_p)

This will create a new sequence based on the text copied. This operation is equivalent to saving the text in a text file and importing it into the CLC Cancer Research Workbench.

If the sequence is not formatted, i.e. if you just have a text like this: "ATGACGAATAGGAGTTCTAGCTA" you can also paste this into the Navigation Area.

Note! Make sure you copy all the relevant text - otherwise CLC Cancer Research Workbench might not be able to interpret the text.