Import Primer Pairs

The Import Primer Pairs importer can import descriptions of primer locations from a generic text format file or from a QIAGEN gene panel primer file. The primer location file describes the location of primers used for targeted resequencing and is used for primer trimming by the tool Trim Primers of Mapped Reads. This tool is particularly useful for trimming off primers when you have targeted data with overlapping reads.

The Import Primer Pairs can be found in the toolbar:

        Import (Image Next_Folder_16_n_p) | Import Primer Pairs (Image primer_import_16_n_p)

This will open the wizard shown in figure 6.16. The first step is to select the data to import.

Image import_primer_pairs_step1
Figure 6.16: Select files to import.

Click on the button labeled Next to go to the wizard step choose to save the imported primer location file.