Save changes in a view

When changes to an element are made in a view, the text on the tab appears bold and italic (on Mac it is indicated by an * before the name of the tab). This indicates that the changes are not saved. The Save function may be activated in two ways:

        Click the tab of the view you want to save | Save (Image Save_Blue_16_n_p) in the toolbar.

   or  Click the tab of the view you want to save | Ctrl + S (Image command_key_web + S on Mac)

If you close a tab of a view containing an element that has been changed since you opened it, you are asked if you want to save.

When saving an element from a new view that has not been opened from the Navigation Area (e.g. when opening a sequence from a list of search hits), a save dialog appears .

Image savedialog
Figure 2.5: Save dialog.

In the dialog you select the folder in which you want to save the element.

After naming the element, press OK