Page setup

No matter whether you have chosen to print the visible area or the whole view, you can adjust page setup of the print. An example of this can be seen in figure 5.5

Image pagesetup
Figure 5.5: Page Setup.

In this dialog you can adjust both the setup of the pages and specify a header and a footer by clicking the tab at the top of the dialog.

You can modify the layout of the page using the following options:

Image fit_to_pages_example
Figure 5.6: An example where Fit to pages horizontally is set to 2, and Fit to pages vertically is set to 3.

Note! It is a good idea to consider adjusting view settings (e.g. Wrap for sequences), in the Side Panel before printing. As explained in Printing, the printed material will look like the view on the screen, and therefore these settings should also be considered when adjusting Page Setup.