How to handle results of analyses

This section will explain how results generated from tools in the Toolbox are handled by CLC Cancer Research Workbench. Note that this also applies to tools not running in batch mode. All the analyses in the Toolbox are performed in a step-by-step procedure. First, you select elements for analyses, and then there are a number of steps where you can specify parameters (some of the analyses have no parameters, e.g. when translating DNA to RNA). The final step concerns the handling of the results of the analysis, and it is almost identical for all the analyses so we explain it in this section in general.

Image batchstep
Figure 8.4: The last step of the analyses exemplified by Translate DNA to RNA.

In this step, shown in figure 8.4, you have two options:

Image batchstep_save
Figure 8.5: Specify a folder for the results of the analysis.