Analysis of sequencing data

You are now ready to perform the actual analysis of your sequencing data (see figure 12.13).

Image diagram_simple_analyis_dataanalysis
Figure 12.13: Use the prepared data as input in the relevant ready-to-use workflow, which we here for the sake of simplicity call "Workflow 2".

For each application six different ready-to-use workflows are available. These can be divided into three different categories; "Data analysis", "Interpretation", and "Data analysis and Interpretation".

Note! The ready-to-use workflows found under each of the three application types have similar names (with the only difference that "WGS", "WES", or "TAS" have been added after the name). However, some of the workflows have been tailored to the individual applications. Therefore, we recommend that you use the ready-to-use workflow that is found under the relevant application heading.