Selecting, panning and zooming

In the zoom tools, you can control which mouse mode to use. The default is Selection mode (Image selection) which is used for selecting data in a view. Next to the selection mode, you can select the Zoom in mode as described in Zoom In. If you press and hold this button, two other modes become available as shown in figure 2.15:

Image zoom_modes_expanded
Figure 2.15: Additional mouse modes can be found in the zoom tools.

If you hold the mouse over the selection and zoom tools, tooltips will appear that provide further information about how to use the tools.

The mouse modes only apply when the mouse is within the view where they are selected.

The Selection mode can also be invoked with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+1, while the Panning mode can be invoked with Ctrl+4.

For some views, if you have made a selection, there is a Zoom to Selection (Image zoom_selection) button, which allows you to zoom and scroll directly to fit the view to the selection.