Configuring your setup

If you have not already, please download and install your license to the master node. (See Downloading a License.) Do not install license files on the job nodes. The licensing information, including how many job nodes you can run, are all included in the license on the master node.

To configure your master/execution node setup, go to the Job distribution tab in the web administrative interface on the master node:

        Configuration (Image configuration_16) | Job distribution (Image jobnodes_16)

Then enter the following information:

Click on the button Save Configuration to register the changes just made.

If the Attach Node button in the Job nodes section is greyed out, please ensure that the server mode selected is MASTER_NODE and that you have clicked on the Save Configuration button to save your configuration changes.

Then, for each job node:

Image selectcommands_onlyselected
Figure 6.4: Select Server Commands to run on the job node.

Repeat this process for each job node you wish to attach and click Save Configuration when you are done.

You will get a warning dialog if there are types of jobs that are not enabled on any of the nodes.

Note that when a node has finished a job, it will take the first job in the queue that is of a type the node is configured to process. This then means that, depending on how you have configured your system, the job that is number one in the queue will not necessarily be processed first.

Once set up, job nodes automatically inherit all configurations on the master node.

To test that access works for both job nodes and the master node, you can click "check setup" in the upper right corner as described in Check set-up.

Troubleshooting job node setups