Output from the Perform QIAseq Multimodal Analysis with TMB and MSI (Illumina)

The Perform QIAseq Multimodal Analysis workflow produces a large number of files organized into a number of subfolders as well as single elements.

Besides two more reports in the subfolder QC & Reports called TMB_report and MSI_report, respectively and two additional tracks containing TMB_somatic_variants and Loci_track, the output is identical to the output produced from the Perform QIAseq Multimodal Analysis (Illumina) template workflow described in section 16.4.1.

The TMB and MSI reports are also included in the DNA_combined_report that is provided for quality control. The TMB report includes a distribution plot of variant frequencies for the somatic variants that can be quite informative. The MSI report includes the status and performance for the different loci. The two tracks are included in the Genome Browser View (WT) and is useful for visualizing the variants and loci.