Import VCF to Genotype Track (beta)

Using Import VCF to Genotype Track (beta) it is possible to import variants in a VCF file to Genotype track format. Below are some significant differences in the way Import Variants (VCF) (beta) handles VCF compared to the standard VCF importer in the CLC Workbench:

Learn more about how the CLC Workbench importer handles VCF format here:

To import variants from VCF to Genotype track format, launch the tool Import VCF to Genotype Track (beta) using the Launch button or from the Toolbox:

        Toolbox | Biomedical Genomics Analysis (Image biomedical_folder_closed_16_n_p) | Haplotype Calling (beta) (Image hac_folder_closed_16_n_p) | Import VCF to Genotype Track (beta) (Image variant_locus_track_16_n_p)

In the wizard step Settings specify the VCF file and the Reference Track. For very large VCF files (e.g. dbSNP) check the option Optimize for large tracks. This option allows import of very large files by reducing memory consumption at the cost of speed and disk space.