Export Genotype VCF (beta)

Using Export Genotype VCF (beta) it is possible to export variants in a Genotype track to VCF file. Below are the main differences between Export Genotype VCF (beta) and the standard VCF exporter in the CLC Workbench: Learn more about the standard VCF exporter here: http://resources.qiagenbioinformatics.com/manuals/clcgenomicsworkbench/current/index.php?manual=Export_in_VCF_format.html.

To export variants in a Genotype track to VCF, click Export in the Toolbar and choose the tool Export Genotype VCF (beta). Specify the Genotype tracks that should be exported and click Next. This will open a dialog as shown in figure 10.10.

Image exportvcf
Figure 10.10: Setting parameters for export.

The following parameters can be adjusted in the dialog: