Output from the Identify QIAseq DNA Variants workflows

The Identify QIAseq DNA (Pro) Variants workflows produce a Genome Browser View (Image trackset_16_n_p) as well as the following files, available in a subfolder (as seen in figure 13.13):

Image outputqiaseqdna
Figure 13.13: Output from the Identify QIAseq DNA (Pro) Variants workflow without CNV detection.

The Unfiltered variant track is included in the output so you can also review why a variant that was expected in the output would have been filtered out of the Variants passing filters track. The difference between the Unfiltered variant track and the Variants passing filters track depends on the following options available in the filtering steps:

The workflow also produces a QC report for the target enrichment that offers statistics on the numbers of targets for which all positions are covered by the "Minimum coverage" threshold set in the QC for targeted sequencing dialog.

The read mapping of the merged UMI groups will let you verify the found variants, and examine why expected variants were not found. The UMI Groups Report gives information about the number of UMI groups found, and how many reads are in each. It includes the following information: