Table for Clonotypes

TCR clonotypes (Image tcr_table_16_n_p) and BCR clonotypes (Image bcr_table_16_n_p) show by default a table with the following columns:

The clonotypes are sorted by frequency in decreasing order.

CDR3 quality sore

The CDR3 nucleotide sequences can be colored using the average quality score of each position, by using the "Color CDR3 by average quality sore" option in the Side Panel menu to the right. This option is disabled when there are no quality scores available.

Clonotypes from selection

At the bottom of the table, a button labeled Create Clonotypes from Selection is available. Select the relevant rows in the table and click the button to create new TCR clonotypes (Image tcr_table_16_n_p) or BCR clonotypes (Image bcr_table_16_n_p) that only include the selected clonotypes. When the button is clicked, a dialog with the following options is shown: