Identify QIAseq xHYB Germline Variants

The Identify QIAseq xHYB Germline Variants template workflow calls germline variants. It is suitable for data generated using QIAseq xHYB panels with or without addition of a mitochondrial spike-in.

It can be found at:

        Template Workflows | Biomedical Workflows (Image biomedical_twf_folder_open_16_n_p) | QIAseq Sample Analysis (Image qiaseqrna_folder_closed_16_n_p) | QIAseq Analysis workflows (Image qiaseq_workflows_folder_closed_16_n_p) | Identify QIAseq xHYB Germline Variants (Image qiaseq_germline9)

This workflow can also be launched from the Analyze QIAseq Samples guide, which is described in The Analyze QIAseq Samples guide. It is available under the xHYB Human tab.

If you are connected to a CLC Server via your Workbench, you will be asked where you would like to run the analysis. We recommend that you run the analysis on a CLC Server when possible.

The workflow steps and output file structure is similar to what is utilized for the Identify QIAseq Exome Germline Variants workflow, which is described in Identify QIAseq Exome Germline Variants. However, an additional filtering step has been introduced for Indels.