Launching workflows individually and in batches

Workflows can be launched:

When a workflow is launched, a wizard is opened. Stepping through this wizard, configurable parameters can be reviewed and changed as needed, and the locations that outputs should be saved under can be specified. Where input elements are configured with a role, the workflow launch wizard will require you to select (and potentially download) the relevant reference data.

If you are connected to a CLC Genomics Server, the wizard will include the option to run the workflow locally on the Workbench or on the server.

If the workflow is not properly configured, you will see that in the dialog when the workflow is launched11.1.

One of the outputs that can be generated by a workflow run is a workflow result metadata table. This metadata table contains a row for each of the outputs generated by the workflow, and each row is associated with the relevant data objects. Workflow result metadata tables are particularly useful for navigating to results of workflows run in batch mode, and are described further in Workflow outputs and workflow result metadata tables.

Some aspects of launching workflows are different to launching tools, and can be more efficient and flexible, including:

The following aspects relating to launching workflows are covered in this section:


... launched11.1
If the workflow uses a tool that is part of a plugin, a missing plugin can also be the reason why the workflow is not enabled. A workflow can also become outdated because the underlying tools have changed since the workflow was created (see Workflow identification and versioning)