Choosing the PacBio importer will open the dialog shown in figure 6.13. This data type can also be imported using the on-the-fly import functionality described in Launching workflows individually and in batches.

Image import_pacbio_files
Figure 6.13: Importing data from PacBio.

We support import of the following file formats containing PacBio reads:

Under General options you have the following choices:

Click Next and choose how the result of the import should be handled. We recommend choosing Save which will save the results directly to the disk.

When opening the "Element info" of sequence lists imported with the PacBio importer, the item "Platform" will display the mention PACBIO. For PacBio reads imported without the PacBio importer, it is possible to edit that field to "PACBIO" by clicking Edit next to the "Read Group" section in the Element Info view. Having the platform set to PacBio will ensure that the read mapper will perform better on PacBio reads.