Workflow visualization


The workflow layout can be adjusted automatically, with right-clicking anywhere in the canvas and choosing the option "Layout" (figure 11.19), or with the quick command Shift + Alt + L. Note that only elements that have been connected will be adjusted.

Image workflow_layout
Figure 11.19: A workflow layout can be adjusted automatically with the "Layout" function.

It is very easy to make an image of the workflow. Simply select the elements in the workflow (this can be done pressing Ctrl + A, by dragging the mouse around the workflow while holding down the left mouse button, or by right clicking in the editor and then selecting "Select All"), then press the Copy button in the toolbar (Image Copy_16_n_p) or CTRL + C. Press Ctrl + V to paste the image into the wanted destination, such as an email or a text or presentation program.

Configuration Editor

Instead of configuring the various tools individually, the Configuration Editor enables the specification of all settings, references, masking parameters etc. through a single wizard window (figure 11.20). This editor is accessed through the (Image workflow_configuration_16_n_p) icon located in the lower left corner.

Image configuration_editor
Figure 11.20: Use the Configuration Editor to edit configurable parameters for all the tools in a given Workflow.

Side Panel

In the workflow editor Side Panel, you will find the following workflow display settings (figure [*]):

Viewing the flow of elements in a workflow

Following the path through a workflow from a particular element can help when authoring complex workflows. To highlight the path through the workflow from a particular element, right-click on the element name and select the Highlight Subsequent Path option from the context specific menu (figure 11.21). Select Remove Highlighting Subsequent Path to remove the highlighting.

Image highlight_subsequent_path
Figure 11.21: All elements connected downstream of a selected element are highlighted after selecting the Highlight Subsequent Path menu option.