Change element names

This section describes two ways of changing the names of sequences in the Navigation Area. In the first part, the sequences themselves are not changed - it's their representation that changes. The second part describes how to change the name of the element.

Change how sequences are displayed

Sequence elements can be displayed in the Navigation Area with different types of information:

Whether sequences can be displayed with this information depends on their origin. Sequences that you have created yourself or imported might not include this information, and you will only be able to see them represented by their name. However, sequences downloaded from databases like GenBank will include this information.

To change how sequences are displayed:

        right-click any element or folder in the Navigation Area | Sequence Representation | select format

This will only affect sequence elements, and the display of other types of elements, e.g. alignments, trees and external files, will be not be changed. If a sequence does not have this information, there will be no text next to the sequence icon.

Rename element

Renaming a folder or an element in the Navigation Area can be done in two different ways:

        select the element | Edit in the Menu Bar | Rename

   or  select the element | F2

When you can rename the element, you can see that the text is selected and you can move the cursor back and forth in the text. When the editing of the name has finished, press Enter or select another element in the Navigation Area. If you want to discard the changes instead, press the Esc-key.

For renaming annotations instead of folders or elements, see Edit Annotations.