Handling of NCBI search results

The search result is presented as a list of links to the files in the NCBI database. The View displays 50 hits at a time. This can be changed in the Preferences). More hits can be displayed by clicking the More... button at the bottom right of the View.

Each sequence hit is represented by text in three columns:

It is possible to exclude one or more of these columns by adjust the View preferences for the database search view. Furthermore, your changes in the View preferences can be saved. See section View preference style sheet.

Several sequences can be selected, and by clicking the buttons in the bottom of the search view - or right clicking on the selected sequence(s) - you can do the following:

Double-clicking a hit will download and open the sequence. The hits can also be downloaded into the View Area or the Navigation Area from the search results by drag and drop or copy/paste.

Search results are downloaded before they are saved. Downloading and saving several files may take some time. However, since the process runs in the background (displayed in the Status bar) it is possible to continue other tasks in the program. Like the search process, the download process can be stopped. This is done in the Toolbox in the Processes tab.

Note: The modification date on sequences downloaded can be more recent than those reported in the results table. This depends on the database versions made available for searching at the NCBI.

Downloading and saving sequences can take some time. This process runs in the background, so you can continue working on other tasks. The download process can be seen in the Status bar and it can be stopped, if desired, as described in Processes tab and Status bar.