Moving and copying elements

Elements can be moved and copied in several ways:

If the element already exists in the folder where it is moved or copied, the name of the copied/moved element will get an extension "-1", "-2", etc.

When you have cut an element, it is "grayed out" until you activate the paste function. If you change your mind, you can revert the cut command by copying another element.

Note that drag and drop allows you to:

The use of drag and drop is supported throughout the program, also to open and re-arrange views (see Arrange views in View Area).

When copying an element or folder, it creates a link that can be pasted in a text editor (including email, skype conversation, etc.) This allows you to share the location of a particular element with colleagues, provided that they have access to the same server. Your colleagues can, once their workbench is connected to the shared server, paste the link in the Search field above the Navigation Area and press Enter to find the element or folder in the shared location.