Property viewer

The Property viewer, found in the Side Panel, lists detailed information about the atoms that the mouse hovers over. For all atoms the following information is listed:

For atoms in molecules imported from a PDB file, extra information is given:

For atoms in protein models created by tools in the workbench, the following extra information is given:

If an atom is selected, the Property view will be frozen with the details of the selected atom shown. If then a second atom is selected (by holding down Ctrl while clicking), the distance between the two selected atoms is shown. If a third atom is selected, the angle for the second atom selected is shown. If a fourth atom is selected, the dihedral angle measured as the angle between the planes formed by the three first and three last selected atoms is given.

Image AngleSelection
Figure 13.13: Selecting two, three, or four atoms will display the distance, angle, or dihedral angle, respectively.

If a molecule is selected in the Project Tree, the Property view shows information about this molecule. Two measures are always shown: