Configure license server connection

If your organization is running a CLC License Server, you can configure your Workbench to connect to it to get a license.

To do this, select this option and click on the Next button. A dialog like that shown in figure 1.19 then appears. Here, you configure how to connect to the CLC License Server.

Image floating_license_step2-genomics
Figure 1.19: Connecting to a CLC License Server.


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Automatic server discovery sends UDP broadcasts from the Workbench on a fixed port, 6200. Available license servers respond to the broadcast. The Workbench then uses TCP communication for to get a license, assuming one is available. Automatic server discovery works only on local networks and will not work on WAN or VPN connections. Automatic server discovery is not guaranteed to work on all networks. If you are working on an enterprise network on where local firewalls or routers cut off UDP broadcast traffic, then you may need to configure the details of the CLC License server manually instead.