Running the Create Statistics for Target Regions

To create the target regions statistics:

        Toolbox | Resequencing (Image resequencing) | Create Statistics for Target Regions (Image targeted_resequencing)

This opens a dialog where you select mapping results (Image contig)/ (Image multicontig)/ (Image readtrack) and click Next. This opens the dialog shown in figure 26.1.

Image targeted_step2
Figure 26.1: Specifying the track of target regions.

Click the Browse (Image browse) icon to select an annotation track that defines the targeted regions of your reference genome. You can either import the target regions as an annotation file or convert from annotations on a reference genome that is already stored in the Navigation Area.

The Report type allows you to select different sets of predefined coverage thresholds to use for reporting (see below). Furthermore, you will be asked to provide a Minimum coverage threshold. This will be used to provide the length of each target region that has at least this coverage.

Click Next to specify which kind of output you want (see figure 26.2).

Image targeted_step3
Figure 26.2: Specifying how the result should be reported.

There are three options:

Click Finish to create the reports.