Backing up data from the CLC Workbench

Regular backups of your data are advisable.

The data stored in your CLC Workbench is in the areas you have defined as CLC Data Locations. You could choose to back these up directly or by exporting all the data to a zip file or zip files. That is:

For large amounts of data, the first of the above options above will likely be more suitable, whereas for small amounts of data, the second option will often be more suitable.

The only data files associated with the CLC Genomics Workbench not within a specified data location are BLAST databases. It is unusual to back up BLAST databases as they are usually updated relatively frequently and in many cases can be easily re-created from the original files or re-downloaded from public resources. If you do wish to backup your BLAST database files, they can be found in the folders specified in the BLAST Database Manager, which is started by goin to Toolbox | BLAST | Manage BLAST databases.