Element information

The normal view of a sequence (by double-clicking) shows the annotations as boxes along the sequence, but often there is more information available about sequences. This information is available through the Element info view.

To view the sequence information:

        select a sequence in the Navigation Area | Show (Image show) in the Toolbar | Element info (Image sequence_info)

This will display a view similar to fig 10.15.

Image sequenceinfocollapsed
Figure 10.15: The initial display of sequence info for the HUMHBB DNA sequence from the Example data.

All the lines in the view are headings, and the corresponding text can be shown by clicking the text.

The information available depends on the origin of the sequence. Sequences downloaded from database like NCBI and UniProt (see Database Search) have this information. On the other hand, some sequence formats like fasta format do not contain this information.

Some of the information can be edited by clicking the blue Edit text. This means that you can add your own information to sequences that do not derive from databases.

Note that for other kinds of data, the Element info will only have Name and Description.