Defining the table structure

Click on the button labeled Setup Table at the bottom of the view (figure 3.12).

Image metadata_edit_columns
Figure 3.12: Dialog used to add columns to an empty Metadata Table.

To create a metadata table from scratch, use the "Add column right" or "Add column left" buttons (Image insert_column_after_16_n_p) to define the table structure with the amount of columns you will need, and edit the fields of each column as needed.

To import the table from a file, click on Setup Structure from File. In the dialog that appears (figure 3.13), you need to provide the following information:

Image metadata_import_columns
Figure 3.13: Creating a metadata table structure based on an external file.

For each column in the external file, a column will be created in the new metadata table. By default the type of these imported columns is "Text". You will see a reminder to set the column type for each column and to designate one of the columns as the key column.

Edit the following information for each column:

Navigate between the columns using the (Image blue_arrow_left_16_n_p) Prev and (Image blue_arrow_right_16_n_p) Next buttons, or by using left/right arrow keys with Alt key held down.

Modifications made to a particular column take effect as you navigate to another column, or if you close the dialog using Done.

The (Image undo_16_n_p) and (Image redo_16_n_p) buttons are used undo and redo changes respectively. When the columns have been configured, click on the button labeled Done.

Columns may be deleted using the (Image delete_column_16_n_p) button. After metadata has been imported, additional columns can be added to the table structure. This can be done by importing the altered structure from an external file, where any columns not already in the metadata table will be added. Alternatively, individual columns can be added using the (Image insert_column_before_16_n_p) and (Image insert_column_after_16_n_p) buttons, which insert new columns before and after the current column respectively.