Using the Assembly ID annotation

The Assembly ID annotation on sequences is used by many tools of the module to group sequences into meaningful entities, e.g. to group all contigs of a draft assembly. Tools that are aware of this annotation include In order to see how these tools utilize the ''Assembly ID'' annotation, please read the tool documentation. In order to assign these annotations to sequences in a sequence list
  1. Open the table view of a sequence list.
  2. Select all rows corresponding to sequences that form a logical unit.
  3. Right-click on the selection and choose Assign annotations, see figure 23.1.
  4. Select Assembly ID from the dropdown menu in the Name field, see figure 23.2.
  5. Enter a string in the Value field to uniquely identify the assembly.
For large sequence lists containing many assemblies it may be beneficial to use the Create Annotated Sequence List.

Image assign_annotations
Figure 23.1: Select the sequences forming a logical unit and right-click on the selection to assign annotations to these sequences.

Image assign_assembly_id
Figure 23.2: Select Assembly ID from the dropdown menu in the Name field and enter a string to uniquely identify the assembly in the Value field.