Merge MLST Schemes

If the database has updated a particular scheme (e.g. new alleles and/or sequence types), your local copy of the scheme also needs to be extended. This is done by merging the two schemes into single scheme, as downloading of the new scheme version from the database would mean discarding your own contributions to the local copy of the scheme.

First, download the scheme from the updated database. Then go to:

        Legacy Tools (Image legacy_tools) | Merge MLST Schemes (Image merge_mlst_schemes_16_h_p)

This brings up a dialog where the two schemes that you wish to merge should be selected (figure 24.14). However, in order to merge, the schemes must have the same loci definitions (i.e., the same number of loci with identical names).

Image mergemlstschemesstep
Figure 24.14: This merge option makes it possible to update all references in isolates previously referring to one of the two old schemes so that they refer to the new scheme.

The newly merged scheme will open and can be saved. You can then safely delete the previous versions of the scheme in the Navigation Area.

Note that if there are duplicates among the sequence types in the scheme, only one of the types will be included in the new scheme.