The Workbench Reference data location

Reference data must be stored in a folder called CLC_References. When the Biomedical Genomics Workbench is installed, such a folder is created on your file system under your home area. This folder is specified within the Workbench as a reference location.

You can specify a different location to download reference data to. This is recommended if you do not have enough space in the area the Workbench designates as the reference data location by default. To change the reference data location from within the Navigation Area:

        Right-click on the folder "CLC_References" | Choose "Location" | Choose "Specify Reference Location"

The new folder will also be called CLC_References, but will be located where you specify.

In more detail, this action results in the following:

This action does not:

If you have previously downloaded data into the CLC_References folder with the old location, you will need to use standard system tools to delete this folder and/or its contents. If you would like to keep the reference data from the old location, you can move it, using standard system tools, into the new CLC_References folder that you just specified. This would save you needing to download it again.

Note! If you run out of space, and realize that the CLC_References should be stored somewhere else, you can do this by choosing a new location, then manually moving the already downloaded files to that new location, and restarting the workbench. The "downloaded references" file will then be updated with all the new references.