Dynamic restriction sites

If you open a sequence, a sequence list etc, you will find the Restriction Sites group in the Side Panel. As shown in figure 28.26 you can display restriction sites as colored triangles and lines on the sequence. The Restriction sites group in the side panel shows a list of enzymes, represented by different colors corresponding to the colors of the triangles on the sequence. By selecting or deselecting the enzymes in the list, you can specify which enzymes' restriction sites should be displayed.

Image restriction_site_closeup
Figure 28.26: Showing restriction sites of ten restriction enzymes.

The color of the restriction enzyme can be changed by clicking the colored box next to the enzyme's name. The name of the enzyme can also be shown next to the restriction site by selecting Show name flags above the list of restriction enzymes.

There is also an option to specify how the Labels shown be shown:

Image restriction_label_flag
Figure 28.27: Restriction site labels shown as flags.

Image restriction_label_stacked
Figure 28.28: Restriction site labels stacked.

Image restriction_label_radial
Figure 28.29: Restriction site labels in radial layout.

Note that in a circular view, the Stacked and Radial options also affect the layout of annotations.