Theoretically expected structural variant signatures

Different types of structural variants will leave different 'signatures' in terms of the mapping patterns of the unaligned ends. The 'structural variant signatures' of the set of structural variants that are considered by the Indels and Structural variant tool are drawn in figures 19.45, 19.46, 19.47, 19.48, 19.49, 19.50, 19.51, 19.52 and 19.53.

Image deletion-crossmapped
Figure 19.45: A deletion with cross-mapping breakpoint evidence.

Image deletion-selfmapped
Figure 19.46: A deletion with selfmapping breakpoint evidence.

Image insertion-closebreakpoint
Figure 19.47: An insertion with close breakpoint evidence.

Image insertion-crossmapped
Figure 19.48: An insertion with cross-mapped breakpoints evidence.

Image insertion-selfmapped
Figure 19.49: An insertion with selfmapped breakpoint evidence.

Image insertion-tandem
Figure 19.50: An insertion with breakpoint mapping evidence corresponding to a 'Tandem duplication'.

Image inversion-crossmapped
Figure 19.51: The unaligned end mapping pattern of an inversion.

Image replacement
Figure 19.52: The unaligned end mapping pattern of a replacement.

Image translocation
Figure 19.53: The unaligned end mapping pattern of a translocation.